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Helping Loved Ones That Need Care

April 18, 2020 All Growth Health Income Lifestyle

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Hear what’s happening in care homes, and what you can do to help, even at a distance!
Join Dave & Faisal on More Than Money this Saturday at 5pm, as they find out how you can help a loved one that requires care either at home or in a long-term care home – even if you can’t see them in person. The Provincial Medical Director for Seniors Health, Dr. Jim Silvius, joins Dave and Faisal to talk about what’s happening in care homes, and how you can help your loved ones that live there.
Then, if you are wondering how you can use technology to stay connected with your family and friends, don’t miss a segment with Dr. Andrew Sixsmith, Scientific Co-Director of AGE-WELL, Canada’s Technology and Aging Network, as he shares some of the programs that people are using to pick up new sophisticated tech skills, like podcasting.
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