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How can you find your purpose in retirement and what does that mean? |

Retirement is about More Than Money

Portfolio managers Dave Popowich and Faisal Karmali know that retirement is about more than just your financial situation; it’s what you do with your time that really counts. They co-host More Than Money to share what they have learned about the realities of retirement from their clients and information from important financial topics to lifestyle considerations, to the fun side including travel and hobbies. They’re proud to put their years of financial expertise and experience to work, empowering Calgarians to make smart retirement choices.

Join Dave and Faisal every Saturday afternoon at 3:00pm on Global News Radio (770 CHQR) to hear the latest in the world of retirement planning, and how you can ensure your lifestyle never retires.

Your More Than Money Hosts

Faisal Karmali CIM(R) CFP(R), CDFA, FCSI(R)

Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor

Faisal is a portfolio manager and investment advisor with a specialization in financial planning for those approaching and living in retirement. As a Chartered Investment Manager, a Certified Financial Planner, and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Faisal has the training and technical expertise necessary to find solutions and answer some of the most complicated retirement questions.

More About Faisal

David M. Popowich CIM(R), CPCA

Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor

David is a portfolio manager and investment advisor who specializes in helping affluent business owners and families transition into retirement, as well as those already enjoying retirement. David’s standing as a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA) makes him a widely sought-after expert in his field.

More About David

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Dave & Faisal?
Dave Popowich and Faisal Karmali are Portfolio Managers and Investment Advisors, partners at the Popowich Karmali Advisory Group, CIBC Wood Gundy. Their practice focuses solely on people approaching or living in retirement. Through their work with retirees, they’ve developed a passion for helping people enjoy retirement with the knowledge that a great retirement is about more than money.
What is More Than Money?
More Than Money is a weekly radio show on Global News Radios 770 CHQR, airing Saturday afternoons at 3:00 MST. Hosts Dave Popowich and Faisal Karmali explore retirement and related issues, going far beyond just money. More Than Money features a wide range of experts on health, lifestyle, travel, and more, as well as Dave and Faisal’s own expertise in funding your retirement dreams. Each show is your weekly insight into the issues you may be dealing with as you prepare for or live in retirement.
I Missed a Show. Where Can I Find Previous Episodes?
All previous episodes are available here. You can also download and listen to the show anywhere and anytime through the More Than Money podcast. With the podcast, you’ll never miss another episode; they’ll automatically download to your device so you can listen on your schedule.
How Can I Get More Information About the Topics You Discuss on the Show?
For questions about what you hear on the show, email Dave, Faisal, and the production team at [email protected] If you are interested in learning more about the investment strategies Dave and Faisal discuss, find out more about their investment practice or register for one of our seminars.
I Have a Suggestion For a Show Topic. How Can I Contact You?
We would love to hear your idea for an episode. Send your suggestions to the production team at [email protected] or contact us here.
What Are Your Monthly Seminars About?
Dave and Faisal host a monthly seminar regarding investing for retirement. Learn more about which topics we cover in the seminar. While each seminar is free, space fills up quickly and we do require registration in order to attend. Register now to reserve your seat.

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