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Calgary Seminar

Ensure Your Lifestyle Never Retires

January 23, 2024

7:00 – 8:00 pm

In-person at the Country Hills Golf Club

Lethbridge Seminar

Ensure Your Lifestyle Never Retires

November 28, 2023

7:00 – 8:00 pm

In-person at the Sandman Signature Hotel

Get More from Retirement

Retirement is one of the most complex and vulnerable stages of your life.

You’re facing unique financial challenges like protecting your income, growing your savings, and providing for your family after you’re gone.

But have you only thought about the money?

What do you want your lifestyle to look like in retirement? What experiences do you want to have? You need a team who understands both your financial and lifestyle goals so you can get all that you want out of your retirement experience.

Register for Dave and Faisal’s seminar to learn how PKAG can help.

Who Can Sign Up?


Whether you’ve entered retirement without a plan or have changed your retirement goals, this seminar can provide you with the base information you need to revise and strategize the best retirement possible.

Planning for Retirement

If you’re planning on retiring soon, this seminar will give you even better insight on what to expect with the coming years ahead, from health changes to weathering a fluctuating market.

Thinking About Retiring in 5 to 10 Years

From smart investing strategies to deciding how you’d like to spend your day-to-day, this seminar will help you through it all step-by-step even if you are not close to retiring just yet.

What You Will Learn

How to rescue your retirement in a down or uncertain market

How to protect your wealth from market turbulence

How to set up your portfolio to generate enough income to sustain your lifestyle in perpetuity

Dave and Faisal’s 5 pillar strategy addressing competing financial goals as you approach, transition to, and live in retirement

Investment tips which could help your dreams come true

Investment traps which could burn through your wealth

How Dave and Faisal assess the securities they choose

Retirement is About More Than Money

For regular updates on what you can expect during retirement, consider signing up for Dave and Faisal’s weekly newsletter, or listen to the show on QR 107FM/770AM every Saturday or wherever you get your podcasts!

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More Than Money

Why Seniors are Staying Home Longer

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Can I afford to retire? Will inflation and volatility ruin my retirement plans? How do I ensure my family is looked after? What happens if I have an unexpected health event? Can I support the lifestyle I want in retirement?

When it comes to preparing for a fulfilling and financially stable retirement, there are so many questions you need answered.

Dave and Faisal’s seminar will give you the practical tools and advice you need to bring your vision for retirement to life. Dave and Faisal cover topics like investment and tax strategies, financial and estate planning, and lifestyle goals to help make sure you’re ready to take the next steps toward retirement.

Sign up for their seminar today!

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