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Will You Encounter A Housing Crisis?

May 19, 2018 All Income Lifestyle

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Learn about housing trends that you should consider when planning for retirement!

Join Dave and Faisal on More Than Money this Saturday, as they discuss trends in housing for older Canadians, and the space crunch that might mean you pay more in the future. The Canadian Association of Retired Persons’ (CARP) National Director of Law, Policy and Research, Laura Tamblyn Watts, joins the show to share the results of a recent survey of housing that shows increasing costs, and decreasing availability.

Then, can you take a ballet class in retirement? Many people say yes — and it’s great exercise! Dave and Faisal talk with Joyce Reddy, who has danced for 70 years, and currently teaches senior ballet classes at Calgary’s Confederation Park. She shares the benefits of dance, and how you can get into it if you are just starting out!

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