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You’ve Helped Your Kid Buy a Home . . . Now what?

Over the last decade, we have seen more parents providing financial help to their Gen Z or millennial kids, from covering bills to allowing them to move back home to helping with down payments.  However, helping with these costs seems to be old news. According to Rob Carrick, Personal Finance Columnist with The Globe and […]

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Setting yourself up for success in 2024

A new year is a great time to reflect and set goals for the year ahead. If one of your resolutions is to retire in 2024, congratulations! In our experience as portfolio managers, there are four main areas that people who are approaching or living in retirement are concerned about: growth, income, healthcare, and legacy. […]

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Myths vs. Realities

It has been a wild two years. Post-pandemic uncertainty. Volatile markets. Geopolitical risk. It’s no wonder people are experiencing fear. However, when you make investment decisions based on emotions rather than on strategy, it can cause your retirement plans to go off the rails. The best way to fight fear is with facts. We want […]

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How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

Matthew Perry passed away in his Los Angeles home last month. While many are remembering the star for his role as Chandler Bing on the hit TV show Friends, others are recognizing him for his commitment to helping people recover from addiction. The actor, who had his own struggles with drugs and alcohol, said in […]

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Let’s Talk About Risk

Are you frustrated by the markets? We are too. It has been a long time since anybody saw much growth in their portfolio. And there has been no place to hide. The markets have not been kind to investors who have taken an active approach, and those who have been conservative have not fared much […]

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Should Alberta Get Out of the CPP?

Should Alberta exit the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) to create a pension plan of its own? It is a hot topic that was recently brought to the national stage by an open letter sent by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Premier Danielle Smith. In the letter, Trudeau states that he is deeply concerned over the […]

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Are you choosing retirement or is retirement choosing you?

Retiring when you feel physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially ready is the goal. However, that is not an option for everyone. Many people have to retire because of health problems, layoffs at their company, or issues within their family. That got us thinking . . . Does how you leave the workplace predict your happiness […]

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Gift or loan? Why it is important to document your intentions

How do you know if the transfer of money or assets is a gift or a loan? When it comes to moving money within your family, lines can get blurred. In a recent Ontario court case, a father claimed that the $10 million in cash and real estate he had transferred to his adult son […]

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Time is money

The average person spends more time working than doing any other activity, unless you count sleeping. Working is important; it gives us the money we need to meet our basic needs and support our families. However, we can get so focused on climbing the corporate ladder, earning a paycheque, and socking money away for retirement […]

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10 Reasons Why the Wealthy Want Insurance

It’s a myth that as your wealth increases, the need for insurance decreases. The fact is the more you have, the more you have to lose. Wealth can insulate you against many of life’s uncertainties, but insurance can do so much more than protect you from risk. It can play a crucial role in minimizing […]

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