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The secret to staying injury-free as you age

Think way back to grade-school gym class. Remember the line sprints, the side shuffles, the hurdles? Depending on your younger self’s level of athleticism, you may have thought these drills were designed to torture you. But they were actually designed to develop your agility. Agility is the ability to start, stop, or change direction without…

How To Be Resilient In Retirement

Change is inevitable. It is one of the only things we can count on in life. But change comes with some measure of uncertainty, and uncertainty often causes fear. As portfolio managers, we have dedicated our careers to helping our clients navigate one of the biggest changes of their lives: retirement. And in our experience,…

What’s Keeping the Wealthy Up At Night?

There are more millionaires in North America than ever before. In fact, the number of Canadian households with over $1 million in assets jumped by 23% in 2021 alone. But being in the ‘millionaires’ club’ is not what it used to be. Chubb–a world leader in insurance–asked 800 affluent North Americans about how they view…

Myths vs. Realities

It has been a wild two years. Post-pandemic uncertainty. Volatile markets. Geopolitical risk. It’s no wonder people are experiencing fear. However, when you make investment decisions based on emotions rather than on strategy, it can cause your retirement plans to go off the rails. The best way to fight fear is with facts. We want…

Time is money

The average person spends more time working than doing any other activity, unless you count sleeping. Working is important; it gives us the money we need to meet our basic needs and support our families. However, we can get so focused on climbing the corporate ladder, earning a paycheque, and socking money away for retirement…

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More Than Money

Are Canadians more in debt than ever?

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Can I afford to retire? Will inflation and volatility ruin my retirement plans? How do I ensure my family is looked after? What happens if I have an unexpected health event? Can I support the lifestyle I want in retirement?

When it comes to preparing for a fulfilling and financially stable retirement, there are so many questions you need answered.

Dave and Faisal’s seminar will give you the practical tools and advice you need to bring your vision for retirement to life. Dave and Faisal cover topics like investment and tax strategies, financial and estate planning, and lifestyle goals to help make sure you’re ready to take the next steps toward retirement.

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